Excellence in Love: Five Practices for Creating Authentic Relationships


Through my life experience and through my Holistic Life Coaching practice, I have learned that at the heart of all healing is the desire to find love and to be loved. When you walk around critical of yourself or blaming another for your pain you lose site of who you are and you lose your dreams. When you choose to embrace who you are in all that you think, speak, and do you are in a powerful position to create authentic relationships filled with love. You gain peace, joy, and even better health when you are authentic in all that you do.  Join me Saturday, April 18th at 12:00 CST as part of an online summit to learn more about five practices that create loving, authentic, relationships making for healthier and happier lives. I’m live afterwards to answer your questions. Free gift, discounted Kick Start Session, and special Life Coaching package available to listeners.

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Love to you all,

Amy S McCae

Holistic Life Coach



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My interview is Saturday, April 18 at 12:00 Central Standard Time. I will be discussing five practices for creating authentic relationships. I have realized that love and relationships, including the ones with ourselves, play a vital role in healing. I believe that when we align who we are with what we think, speak, and do that we are incredibly powerful and create the love, peace, joy, and even health that we desire. Listeners will receive a free Core Values worksheet, a discounted Kick Start session  as well as a discounted package deal to dig deeper.

Looking forward to talking to you!

Amy McCae

Transformational Life Coach




Considering it appears I shocked some people with my last blog, it seemed appropriate to add the more inspirational side of the story; “Out of the Darkness Comes the Light.

While writing “Figments of my Imagination” I was expressing some of my deepest, darkest feelings. These feelings are temporary. Emotions seem part of the human existence that most of do not entirely escape. We can try. We can stuff them and they may later manifest as illness. We can suffocate them with alcohol or drugs. We can avoid them by keeping busy and never finding true happiness. However, the feelings may remain within stifling your freedom.

Spiritual teaches often preach that one must be with the emotion, feel it, surrender to it, AND THEN it dissipates. The pain and hurt or anger and frustration will literally melt away if you can just allow those feeling to be what they are: A temporary feeling of emotion as a  spirit has a human experience.

When the cloudy gray sky lifts, the sun shines. There is clarity, peace, and love. It is where the darkness disappears and the light shines. It is from this stand point that you have freedom. Freedom To Be. We should spend our time surrounded by people that support the light that we bring to the world. We should spend our time doing the things we love and using our God given gifts for the good of all.

My experience has been that in the most difficult and challenging situations it was then that I found strength I did not know I had. It was then that I evolved and learned what I really needed to do. In my spiritual quest to understand human suffering, I learned that one must experience that which they do not want in order to know what they do want. You would not know the light if you did not have the dark is a phrase often used to explain such events.

I believe that we incarnate into a body on this earth with a few specific plans. I believe we choose another soul to help us to experience the opposite of what we want so that we can then choose to do something different. Imagine a tragic event, for example school shootings. Because of these event countless people will be inspired to do something good. They will be inspired to help change the world. The darkness will bring the light.

I am sure we have the creative power to create a world through God  that does not require  suffering. However, at this stage of our evolution we have some room for improvement on how to accomplish such a task. I do pray for a world filled with people feeling joy, peace and most importantly love. Perhaps if we all spent more time just Being and feeling those feelings? Maybe then we would not even notice the darkness, maybe then only the light would exists?

Thank you.

Amy S McCae


Wellness and Lifestyle Coach




You Are What You Think

Somedays you know you would like to say something yet the words don’t come. Today I really wanted to write a blog that was inspiring and motivational and related to the power of your thinking. No words came to me. In my quest to fulfill this desire I went looking online and found the following poem:

You Are What You Think

If you think you are beaten, you are;

If you think you dare not, you don’t

If you want to win but think you can’t:

It’s almost a cinch you won’t.

If you think you will lose you’re lost;

For out of the world we find

Success begins with a fellows will;

It’s all in a state of mind.

Life’s battles don’t always go

To the stronger and faster man,

But sooner or later the man who wins

Is the man who thinks he can.

Author Unknown

I think this poem states very simply the power of your thinking. Change your mind, change your life! Want to learn more about the power of your mind and how to create a happy and healthy life? Contact Amy for information on individual sessions or upcoming classes!!!

Amy S McCae

Wellness and Lifestyle Coach



Creating Health and Happiness

There are only three things that can make your dreams a reality; your thoughts, your words, and your actions. If you desire healing in any form and want more joy in your daily life then you would be wise to consider changing your thinking, speaking kindly, and taking action steps to reach your goals.

Let’s consider the mind, my favorite subject, for a moment.  Deeply rooted in your subconscious are beliefs that help create your reality in the physical world. Some of this was learned, some of it decided before you came here, all of it accessible and able to be changed for your greater good if you choose to utilize certain practices such as meditation.

As for speaking, your words also have creative energy. Speak kindly of yourself and others. Use words that feel good. My sense of humor tends to be on the side of sarcasm and I would do well to find a way to be more positive in cracking jokes about myself.

Action. Yes, you will have to actually do something to get something. Although, there is good in stopping and just being. You will need to have clarity on a goal as well as what steps you will need to do take to achieve success. The goal and the steps will need to be clearly defined and realistic.

I believe that the way to creating health and happiness begins with knowing yourself. You need to know what you are passionate about, you need find clarity on what you really want as well as what it looks like and feels like, you need support, encouragement and love, you need believe in yourself, and you need to trust that all is well.

There are five basic principles for creating a healthy and happy life; awareness (self-empowerment at its best), acceptance (somewhat more challenging), attitude (yes, you have a choice), action (do something), and acknowledgment (gratitude). Utilizing these five principles will change your life. Knowing how to use them is key.

I offer online, phone, and in person coaching sessions that can show you how to use these principles to change your life.  I am available to teach these to organizations and am teaching a class on November 6 on how to use these principles to manage stress. Please register online at http://www.intuitiveomaha.com for the November 6th class and please visit my website at http://www.creativewellnessomaha.com

Many Blessings

Amy S McCae

Wellness and Lifestyle Coach


Is Ignorance Bliss?

Several months ago I suggested my husband, Jim, go see a chiropractor for his continual pain.  The doctor suggested x-rays as well as an appointment to discuss the results. Jim was not happy with me.  He really did not want to “waste time” listening to what was wrong with him. He knew he would feel better simply being adjusted so “why couldn’t he just do that.”

Hmmmm. I wondered if Jim was on to something?  Is ignorance bliss? In my world, I tend to believe that thoughts create reality. This is my understanding of how the world works. It make sense to me on every level. What you think about, you bring about, right? Well, if you weren’t thinking about all the things wrong with you and someone brings those problems into your awareness does that mean that you will begin to think about these new health concerns and therefore create these new problems? Or does it mean that because you have an awareness that now you can choose to change the situation?

I posed this question to those attending the monthly meeting I host, “Evolving Minds.” I figured if anyone had thoughts on if ignorance was bliss this was the group.  I was glad I asked because it seems, at least in this group, awareness is key.  Awareness is one of five spiritual principles I have been known to teach so… It would not be a good day if it was brought into my awareness that I was clueless on this topic. I do think there are times when you do not need to know details. The situation with my husband is a good example.  If you feel adamantly about not knowing some things then perhaps that is your intuition directing you to what is best for you and you may just want to listen.

Now, the subject of awareness came up again recently on FaceBook.  The topic was vaccinations. This can be a rather hot topic with me since my oldest daughter really suffered and if it wasn’t for all the natural things I did afterwards she may very well have never functioned. The reason I get so frustrated is the people in this country and their lack of awareness. I am always amazed that people will tell me how effective vaccinations are, state research to prove it, and that they are confident they are safe. Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen a list of ingredients? Straight from The Center for Disease Control     http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf     Read it. Makes my blood boil.

I can not even begin to figure out how injecting such toxins could be beneficial!!! There is plenty of research to say vaccinations not only fail, but are dangerous. You are trusting a system of health care that is dominated by pharmaceutical companies. You are trusting a system of health care that has only been around roughly 125 years.  You are trusting  a system of health care that a few years back ranked 47th of 50 countries in quality of care, but ranked number 1 in cost. You are trusting a system of healthcare that will tell you that you must vaccinate (inject your child with toxins) to enroll them in school and you don’t. You are trusting a system of health care without being aware of all the facts as well as all of your options.

Now, if you have all of the facts, and you choose to vaccinate that is your choice.  I suggest that you always get all of the facts, and not just on healthcare.  Perhaps I am just a curious cat, but I question things, people, and ideas. I want to know. I want to be aware. I want to be able to make an educated, well-educated, confident choice based off facts found in numerous place. I want to know all I can and uncover all I can to help others do the same. Awareness. Awareness is key to creating a healthy and happy life.

Amy S McCae

Wellness and Lifestyle Coach