In the End; Live Life


This is one of my absolute favorite quotes and perhaps my new motto or mantra :). I see it on Facebook often and although I can not say for sure that Buddha said this exactly, I do believe that it is close and certainly resonates with many people including Buddhists and worthy of reflection for all.

How much do you love? This is perhaps the greatest question of all time. What does it mean to love? How do you define love? Love isn’t always what you feel and think.  Love is also an action. If you don’t believe me think about your relationships and which ones are successful. Loving someone means making time for them and allowing them space when needed. It means showing expressions of kindness that may mean doing something for them or simply sitting quietly holding hands or snuggling a child. How and why you love is a topic worth of deep exploration.What does it mean to you?

How gently do you live? This may be related your relationships with others, with yourself, all the way to how you take care of the planet we live on. Are you walking this earth with peace in your heart? To be gentle means to be kind, calm, and tender. When you woke this morning were you kind to yourself? Did you feel calm or rushed? As you go about your day think of ways you can practice being a little gentler with yourself. Maybe eat a little better and buy from the farmer’s market? Meditate, nap, spend some time in nature? Find a project that you are passionate about that helps makes the world a better place for all?

How gracefully do you let go of things not meant for you? Oh…. not my strong point. But… so important. Holding on to things or people not serving you only holds you back from greater things. Forgiveness is never for the other person, it is for you. Holding on to ideas will squash your creativity and holding onto people or your ideal of them will squash your growth and limit your potential for greatness. Never let your past destroy your future. Always keep walking forward living in this moment with the people and events right now. Take some time to write about your anger or hurt. Take some time to remove energetic chords to these people and events and then fill that space with love.

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Amy S McCae

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This week I am going to tackle the second step in healing and love that transforms lives: Acceptance. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist and Type A personality who also loves to be in control, acceptance didn’t come naturally. In fact, of all the 5 steps: Awareness, Acceptance, Attitude, Action, and Acknowledgement, this one was the most challenging for me.

Acceptance requires that you surrender. (Not a comfortable place for a control freak) What you resist persist and sometimes with vengeance. As appealing as it may be in a fleeting moment, you can not control people, places, or events. Freedom arrives when you give people the space to be who they are, when you accept the moment as it, and when you quit trying to control the outcome.

Acceptance requires forgiveness. This means taking an honest look at who you are and what your role is in the situation or relationship. There is a quote that says that being angry at someone is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die. Forgiveness is not about the other person, it is about you. And it is your choice.

Acceptance requires mourning. In order to accept a spouse, a parent, a career, or the painful moments that you allowed to define you, you first must mourn the loss of  your expectations and what you didn’t receive. You have to feel the pain of lost moments, lost love, lost goals, and let them be.

And acceptance requires that you accept yourself. Yes, you have to love yourself too.  The hippie in me is going to preach for a moment on self-love. Too often we spend our time trying to accomplish things or trying to please other people. We end up exhausted, overwhelmed, and resentful. We would spend less time on the aspects of forgiveness if forgave ourselves and practiced being kind to ourselves.

This week I encourage you to take some time to reflect on what it means to accept yourself and to be kind to you. Try one of these; spend some time in nature, take a bubble bath, schedule a night away, take a nap, eat something healthy, call a friend, or come up with your own ideas. Just do it!

Amy S McCae

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Life has a funny way of showing you what you need to do if you pay attention. Looking back on my almost 42 years of living I have realized that healing and loving have always been at the forefront of my desires. Although, I have not always known how to do either and the journey was often painful and lonely. However, I discovered things I never knew existed, including me who was buried deep in ideas and beliefs that were not doing me any good.

There are five basic practices in living that will bring clarity, confidence, healing, love, and self-empowerment: Awareness, Acceptance, Attitude, Action, and Acknowledgement. The first, awareness, being the most important because ignorance simply is not bliss. You must know who you are and the details of your situation in order to transform your life. To learn more about these five skills read my FREE guide Excellence in Love: Five Practices for Creating Authentic Relationships

The first step in becoming aware is to discover who you are at a core level. We all have deeply held beliefs that can either hold us back or set us free. When you align who you are with what you think, speak, and do you are in a powerful position to create the life you seek. Discovering your truth allows you to make decisions easily, handle relationships appropriately, and live confidently.

One of the best practices for bringing awareness into your daily life is to meditate. Meditation is a heightened level of focused attention that has hundreds of benefits. There are countless ways to focus your mind including using a mantra, focusing on your breath, listening to guided imagery, practicing yoga, prayer beads, or even staring at a candle keeping your eyes open. You just need to begin, today.

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Excellence in Love: Five Practices for Creating Authentic Relationships


Through my life experience and through my Holistic Life Coaching practice, I have learned that at the heart of all healing is the desire to find love and to be loved. When you walk around critical of yourself or blaming another for your pain you lose site of who you are and you lose your dreams. When you choose to embrace who you are in all that you think, speak, and do you are in a powerful position to create authentic relationships filled with love. You gain peace, joy, and even better health when you are authentic in all that you do.  Join me Saturday, April 18th at 12:00 CST as part of an online summit to learn more about five practices that create loving, authentic, relationships making for healthier and happier lives. I’m live afterwards to answer your questions. Free gift, discounted Kick Start Session, and special Life Coaching package available to listeners.

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Spirituality and Death

Being a holistic practitioner I am often curious about the body, mind, and of course, spirit. This curiosity lead me to many experiences in learning about life, death, and spirit. These experiences would transform my life. This past week brought several deep reminders of what death means. The subject of death and dealing with potentially terminally ill family came up at a meeting I host, Evolving Minds. Tomorrow, Saturday morning marks 20 years since my mother left this world. The past 6 months brought two eye opening experiences about my own mortality, and the past 10 years have been filled with surprises from the spiritual world.

I was only 20 when I lost my mother. She was only 41. As I sit here 40 years old and 20 years later I can not imagine being in her place. I can not imagine knowing I was going to die and leave my children. I have no idea how one prepares for such an event. I do not know what she would be like much past my own age now. I often wonder what kind of grandmother she would be and if she would be proud of who I grew up to be. And I even wonder what she would look like since I look so much like her. There is something that changes in a person when one reaches the age of their parent’s death. There is something that changes within a daughter when she loses a mother so young and spends decades wondering what it would be like to have a mother. The pain I felt eventually lead me to peace.

I have never believed in actual death. I have always believed that there was some part of me that would transcend this world. What that may look like or feel like I do not know, but I am receiving glimpses. My 40th birthday was in May and close to that time I had an experience that left me confident that there was an aspect of me that was not my physical body. That part of me was free. I spent the day crying and convincing myself that it was ok stay, I had things to finish here. I vowed to remember those feelings of peace and freedom and to carry them with me in this world. Then, late this summer I had an episode where I lost consciousness and someone had to revive me. I have no recollection of the event. Everything was black. And I wondered if that was what death was like?

Over the past 10 years I have had countless experiences that were not of this world. Some of them included loved ones who have passed. I do not have an explanation for this. I have tried to use science and that helps, but it can not really express the magnitude of such experiences. I am forever grateful to those loved ones that have reappeared reminding me that death is not real. Reminding me that some aspect of them is still with me. Thank you mom, Mr. Hennessey, Felix, and Ben Johnson. I loved you when you were here and I love you now.

These experiences allow me to have a greater respect for life. I take things a little slower, I am a little easier on myself, things that bothered me are easier to let go of, and I love people and experiences so much more deeply. I honor the experiences, even the painful ones like the loss of loved ones. Those experiences remind me of who I AM. Today, take some time to honor your life and your path and to also honor those that may no longer be here with you in the same way. Those loved ones may be closer than you thought.

Amy McCae
Holistic Life Coach