Moments Matter Most

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

Although the response to the Coronavirus has left people fearful, it is probably safe to say that many of you have had to re-evaluate how you live. 

For many it has meant a loss of income, especially those self-employed and/or service based industries as well as taking on new roles such as teacher for your children or working from home instead of an office and even having to change your entire job duties.

While these are huge challenges that even cause new problems, you can stop and reflect and decide if you are going to be defeated or if you are going to use this experience to make your life far better than it was before.

It is in times like this that you figure out what matters most. Your time, your money, your health (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual all matter), your career, your home, your hobbies and passions, and your children all need you to pay attention.

This is a lot to manage! So…take a moment. Just a moment and pay attention to that moment, to that one email, to that one child, to that one task at home. One at a time, one moment at a time. These little moments are all that matter.

You can’t stop this virus or the other thousands of ways you can become sick or die. But you can choose how you live in each moment. 

Remember to ask for help if you need it and to offer help where you can.

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Sending many blessings, perfect healing, and peace of mind.

Amy McCae

Mindful Monday Meditation
Liquid Sunshine Body Scan
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Creating Space for Freedom
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Be the CHANGE! Raise Consciousness!

Why is it when you buy a car you “suddenly” notice so many other people driving the same car?

Believe it or not this is no accident, it’s science. The reticular formation is a part of your brain that helps determine what gets through to your conscious attention. Once you buy a car your brain automatically adjust and allows this new information in. So now you see your car, the same car, even the same color everywhere. There was not a sale on cars where you and countless others bought the same car. You just have the capacity to notice that particular car now. This is often referred to as the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon or frequency illusion.

Do you really think it only works for cars buying?

What if you consciously decided to think about and allow some other ideas to come into your mind? What if you became more conscious and noticed things you never even thought possible and never knew existed before? How different would your life be then? How different would this world be?

Right now we are sitting at a turning point in evolution. We have a global pandemic that is going to alter all of our lives forever. In this moment people are at home stating they are in “lock down,” schools are closed, businesses lost, domestic violence rates rising, and people are walking around terrified of germs and hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer

Is this the direction you want the world to go?

It is time to wake up and pay attention. Pay attention to your intention. What you think about you bring about. Mindfulness of your thoughts, feelings, and actions matters more now than ever before.

Choose wisely.

To help you see your potential power I invite you to read the following essay by Charles Einstein. I have followed him for years… I have thought all of the things he mentions but have not been able to put my thoughts and feelings into words. It is a bit lengthy but worth every single second you spend reading it.  AND it will raise your awareness allowing you an opportunity to see more than just a lot of cars like yours.

Now that you understand the power of your mind, use it for good. There are a number of meditation groups that are inviting people to take 20 minutes this Saturday, April 4 at 9:45 p.m. Central Time to imagine a better world. If your one mind can show you your new car seemingly accidentally, what do you think 1000s of minds intentionally together can do? You can do this for just a few minutes if that is all you have but… please pause and give thanks, send love, see the earth and all of its habitants happy, healthy, and peaceful, remember your freedom, see and feel the world as you intend it to be. AND share this!

Energy healing is something I strongly recommend right now as it will help with overcoming fear, building immunity, and so much more. Again, this may not have been in your awareness but once it is it can be life changing. Healing is actually vibrational. I’ll fill you in on that another time.

If you would like to learn more about coaching, online trainings, and energy work please send me a message at

Sending you many blessings, perfect healing, and peace of mind.

Thank you,

Amy McCae

Certified Life Coach, Corporate Wellness Trainer, Holistic Wellness Expert, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Compassion Fatigue or Empathy Fatigue?

Later this month I am speaking to a group of nurses on how to use Mindfulness for Compassion Fatigue. Although my presentation is mostly I complete, I spent a few hours yesterday researching to add greater depth to my understanding.

Compassion Fatigue is an extreme state of stress resulting from helping those suffering and a preoccupation with the suffering of others. Although incredibly common in healthcare, parents and other caregivers may also struggle. It occurs when you do not recognize and take care of your own needs.

Psychologists now regard Compassion Fatigue as Empathy Fatigue. As humans we are hard wired to be empathetic. Mirror neurons allow for you to feel another’s pain and suffering and this is what moves you to be being compassionate and wanting to help. Empathy drives compassion. It is when you can’t separate another’s pain and suffering from your own and don’t make choices to take care of yourself that problems develop.

Awareness is always the first step in any type of healing. If you don’t know your limitations, if you don’t know your boundaries, if you don’t know how you are feeling, if you don’t know how to reduce stress, and if you don’t how to practice self-care then you are putting yourself at risk.

Mindfulness means to be in the present moment and be at peace. Mindfulness based practices allow you learn how to stop and reconnect to yourself. The process of going inward allows you to understand what is going on within and around you. Mindfulness cultivates curiosity, kindness, and even compassion but in a way that allows you to take care of your own needs.

One popular mindful self-care practice referred to as ” Loving Kindness” may look something like this:

Take a moment to sit down and notice your breathing. Put your hand over your heart. Close your eyes if it feels good to do so. Mentally repeat,”May I be at peace, May I be well, May I be loved, May I be happy. (You can choose any words that feel good and that are kind and compassionate). Put your other hand on your heart. Notice the difference. Choose a mantra again and repeat it. Notice how you feel when you are done.

There are numerous ways to do this practice and countless other Mindfulness skills you can learn to do easily and implement right now, even for two minutes.

To learn more about how Mindfulness can help you or your organization please set up a time to visit with me by phone

Thank you,

Amy McCae

Corporate Wellness Trainer. Life Coach. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Holistic Wellness Expert.

Mindful Resources

Mindful resources for personal development just for you!

I am sitting at my desk enjoying the sun shining through the window this morning contemplating what would be the most helpful and useful topic in mindfulness to write about today.

Mindfulness is fast becoming one of the most important skills you can have as research is finally catching up to what those of us who meditate already know, mindfulness and meditation matter.

Since I get asked for resources all of the time, below you will find some of my favorite websites, apps, resources, and books.

My favorite websites include:

* This site has countless FREE options for you. Sean Fargo was my Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Coach several years ago. I highly recommend him!

* This site has some fantastic articles and resources for all things related to a healthy mind and life.

* This site is all about mindfulness is the workplace. Their emails are awesome!

Although I am not a huge fan of apps, they can be helpful and these three offer some unique experiences: *Balance, *HeadSpace, or *Insight Timer

Several books I highly suggest:

*Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan -A HUGE favorite! This is all things mindfulness and emotional intelligence! Life changing…

*Difficult Conversations by Stone, Patton, and Heen. We all need this, too…

*Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hansen- The neuroscience of happiness, your default state.

*Becoming Super Natural by Joe Dispenza- The science of human potential.

*Brain Storm by Dan Siegel (all about the teenage brain…) and The Whole Brain Child by Dan Siegel (Younger kids). Excellent parenting strategies based on brain function for anyone with children or anyone working with children.

*Altered Traits by Daniel Goleman and Richard J Davidson- The neuroscience of meditation and emotional intelligence.

Just for the kids:

Blissful Kids- Countless tips for fun self-awareness and mindfulness.

Mindful Schools of California- Training for adults working with children. The most well researched program for teaching mindfulness to children that exists.

Mindful Kids cards by Whitney Stewart and Mirna Braun and Yoga Pretzel cards by Tara Guber and Leah Kalish- Beautifully done as well as fun and simple ideas for children to learn mindfulness.

And of course you can always work with me! If you would like to learn more please set up a time to visit by phone

Thank you,
Amy McCae
Corporate Wellness Trainer. Life Coach. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Holistic Wellness Expert.

Mindful Relationships in Business

Relationships skills are vital for success, happiness and a peace of mind. Purpose, passion, and responsibility are vital to any industry leader and to any organization being sustainable. People are the most sustainable resource.

Below is a list of Mindful Relationships based questions. These were developed during my Life Coaching training merely by accident. They are a testament to the creative, intuitive, resourceful process of even “practicing” coaching.

You can go through this list of “Corporate Competencies” and answer the questions. Then, go back and answer the questions as you see your organization or your team. 

1.Core Values

*Do you have them? Do you use them? Are they spoken about regularly? What’s the strategy for implementing? Does everyone agree? What does your company really value?

2. Cause

*Why do you care? Why do your partners care? What makes you want to do your job? What makes your employees or colleagues want to work? What does your company seek to achieve? Why? 

3. Community

* Do you have friends at work? Are there wellness events? Are there continuing education opportunities? Are there social functions you can attend? Are meetings handled effectively? 

4. Connection

* How connected to resources is your corporation? Are your resourceful? Are you networking? Social Media? How are you staying in touch with life outside of work?

5. Clarity

*Do you understand your position and where you intend to go? Does your manager or team as well? Do you have goals and plans set? Are you achieving your goals? Why or why not?

6. Contribution

* What do you bring to the company intentionally? What education or skill set do utilize? In what ways do you help the people you work with? In what ways can you make your employees jobs better?

7. Creativity

*What new advancements has your business made? What new ideas have you come up with? Do you have time to be creative? Is there a brainstorming process? Are people receptive to new ideas? How can you insure you and your colleagues have the space and time to become visionaries? What do you need to do so?

8. Commitment 

*Are you really committed to the job? The industry? The company? The title of your position? The people? What do you do that expresses your commitment?  What does commitment mean to you?

9. Communication

*Do you hear your boss? Do you validate your colleagues? Do you express yourself appropriately? Are you listening to reply or understand?

Take the time to answer honestly and reflect on what you need, desire, and value so that you can communicate, be validated, and improve all of your relationships.

If you would like to learn more about how to use mindfulness based practices in your life or in your organization set up a call now HERE

Amy McCae

Corporate Wellness Trainer. Life Coach. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Intuitive Energy Healer.

The Art of Mindful Communication

” The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Benard Shaw

Can you hear me now?

I have often joked that monk on a mountain may have an easier time as he isn’t stuck dealing with people. We all have had a family member, boss, or colleague that we felt challenged by and needed to have a conversation to resolve the issues. Since you likely can’t retreat from the world you might as well learn how to communicate effectively.

A mindful conversation includes three parts; listening, looping, and dipping. For the details on how to practice scroll down…I find it considerably easier to practice with clients or just to practice than I do in “real” life or with certain people and relationships. Be easy on yourself and just practice. Remember kindness and curiosity go a long way.

AND so does perspective…

Being the oldest of four children I am always amazed at how differently we each view the same event. I can sit with my siblings discussing a prior holiday and some how we each have our own version as well as our own feelings. Same event, same people, completely different experience for each one of us. Remember this when dealing with others; your perception of what is occurring is different from the person you are communicating with.

Imagine an optical illusion you have seen in the past. Were you able to see it different ways or did it take a while? It is always interesting to me that we see things one way and may not even notice other ways unless someone points other options out to us. Suddenly we then have new options for our perception. Our awareness has broadened and we are now more open-minded and receptive. Remember this in your conversations. You want people to understand your perspective so be open to theirs as well. Passing judgement will only hurt you and them. Being compassionate for yourself and others will assist you greatly.

Mindful listening is the practice of giving your attention to another person moment to moment. Let’s be honest and think how often our minds wander to other things when we are with other people.  When your mind gets away and your attention wanders you simply notice and gently bring it back to the person. Being present with another person and listing to them feels like an act of compassion and kindness. You can even do it with strangers!

Looping is a process that looks like this: One person is speaking and then the other repeats back what they believe they heard.  The speaker then gives feedback and the listener again repeats until the the speaker feels understood. Your perception and awareness expand.

What is referred to as “dipping” is checking in with yourself. We are often distracted by our own thoughts, sensations, and experiences. This is useful for both the speaker and the listener. When you get distracted just notice without judgement. Name the emotion, notice the sensation, acknowledge the thought.

To practice formally you can get a partner and explore the following. Speaker one will speak for four minutes and speaker two will listen. Then, speaker two will repeat what speaker one said in an attempt to understand for four to six minutes. When one is speaking the other must be silent. You also must not try to “fix” the speaker’s problem. You aren’t listening to reply either. You are listening for them to feel heard and validated.

Remember also that you are continually checking in with yourself, perhaps sensing your body or noticing your breath, acknowledging your feelings. This insures you are present, consciously choosing your response, being kind and curious, and that you resolve problems.

Mindful Breathing, Mindful Emotions (Affect Labeling), and a Body Scan are a few core practices in mindfulness based practices so… if you practice these on your own then when you are having a conversation!!

If you would like to learn more about how mindfulness and mindful communication can help you or your organization please set up a phone consultation

Thank you,

Amy McCae

Corporate Wellness Trainer, Life Coach, and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Free Wellness Audio

I want to make your life easier.

I am sitting here organizing my “to do” lists and reviewing my goals for the month. I have several sheets of computer paper that I fold up into 12 blocks and write intentions. Each sheet holds a different life aspect; one being personal, one for my life with my kids, one for business, and one blank one as I need to spend more time dreaming…

Wellness is a hot topic in January and I want to help you succeed with your intentions so… Here is a link to a free guided meditation on staying active and being healthy  It is only 10 or so minutes so you can use it easily.

If you enjoy it let me know and remember you can always dig a little deeper into meditation and mindfulness by working with me! Schedule a phone consultation here

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Sending you positive vibes and tons of gratitude,
Amy McCae Corporate Wellness Trainer, Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, AND more.

New Years Resolutions: Do you have what it takes?

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” Robin Sharma

The last day of 2019 is here! The end of the year and the end of a decade are the perfect time to reflect. Did you accomplish what you set out to this year? What were you doing ten years ago?

As a coach my job is to help you gain clarity and confidence allowing happiness and peace of mind. (All the while improving your relationships, wellness, and success).

There are many avenues to success as well as different perceptions and ideas on what success means. There are some specific traits that can be of help. (See below). And then there is notion that having someone (Life and Executive Coaches) validate you, hold you accountable, ask the right questions, and provide the proper resources and training leads to success.

Some of the most successful people in the world hire coaches to support them. A study conducted by the International Coaches Federation found the following:

99% Working with a coach was rewarding

96% Would do it again

65% Helped their work performance

80% Improved their confidence

When it comes to traits, I have witnessed those who are successful are willing, committed, and decisive.

Willingness is the ability to learn new ideas and accept change. You must be able to process new ideas as well as implement new strategies. This means being vulnerable, resilient, creative, and open-minded.

Commitment comes when you are truly passionate about something. People that set goals because they think they are suppose to will eventually fail in staying committed. When you believe in something and the end result matters to you then you will do whatever it takes.

Decisiveness means you have the ability to make effective decisions. This requires confidence. You won’t be sitting around wondering “what if.” You can evaluate a situation and take the lead in choosing the next steps. You know and you consciously and confidently choose.

Do you have what it takes? Do you have the support you need?

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Wishing you your best year yet!

Amy McCae

Life and Executive Coach. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Holistic Wellness Expert.

Presents or Presence?

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little. ” Jon Kabat-Zinn

In a society that rewards busyness over peace of mind it can be difficult to remember what really matters. Every year I see a meme on Facebook that reminds me of the kind of person I want to be. It suggests your holiday to do list look more like this; BE present instead of buying presents. WRAP someone in a hug instead of wrapping gifts.  SEND peace instead of gifts. DONATE food instead of shopping for food. And BE the light instead of seeing the lights. 

What seemingly “little” things can you do this holiday season?

What if you were simply PRESENT?

The idea of being “present” may seem vague but it simply means to be fully here in this moment. Get out of your head, forget the “to do” list, quit regretting the past, quit fearing the future. No, it is not hard. Simply take a breath and come back to this moment. Take many, many mindful breaths. You give the gift of someone being heard and validated when you are present when in their presence. If you can come from this frame of mind when dealing with a difficult boss, employee, or patient, a child throwing a tempter tantrum, or a crazy relative, you will have peace of mind.

Monday mornings I used to volunteer to teach mindfulness to elementary students. I was amazed at the children’s ideas on ways they could express kindness. From picking up dropped pencils, to opening up doors, to sharing, to simply offering to see how they can be of help. All simple thoughtful acts of kindness. 

Sometimes we think we need to give “BIG” for it to be significant. Or that what we give needs to be concrete or visual for it to matter. That is not true.

What if your boss, employee, or patient really needs a break or has personal issues far beyond average? What if the child that appears to be out of control having a meltdown is simply tired, hungry or over stimulated? What if the crazy relative has financial issues or depression? Would you respond to them differently knowing these things? Why? Why not just be generous with kindness because it feels good?

To be understanding, to offer validation, to give a hug, to smile, to express gratitude, to laugh, to be present, to offer your time, your expertise, your help and your support, and to be present, these are the presents worth giving. Random, simple, acts of kindness. 

Be present. Be mindful. Be kind.

Amy McCae

Certified Life & Executive Coach. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Energy Coach.

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Mindfulness Matters for Health, Relationships, and Success
Reduce burnout and improve communication and resiliency through mindfulness and emotional intelligence. 
Training and Coaching

Insight and Perspective=Empowerment

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein


No, it won’t solve every problem, but you will gain insight and perspective and with that comes a new level of consciousness. 


Psychologists suggest that 80% of the time you are emotionally reacting to people and experiences based off situations and experiences of your past. If you wish to consciously choose your response from a more ideal level of consciousness for better outcomes you must first develop self-awareness.

Self-awareness gives you insight into your thoughts, your emotional processes, your relationships, your history, your values, your beliefs, your stress level, your well-being, your dreams and passions, your skill set, and so much more.

Although I am a fan of self-discovery through Enneagram tests, Gallup Strength Finder, and others, sometimes what you need to do is be still and be silent, if even for a few moments. We as society spend too much time “doing” and not enough time allowing for the space where the answers come naturally.

“Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear?” Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?” Lao Tzu

My experience has been that formal meditations practices make it easier for me to be naturally more mindful and self-aware throughout the day (science says this is so…). I have also found that consciously choosing mini moments to mindfully notice my breath, sense my body, name my feelings, notice the sounds, or notice my thoughts helps me to make more conscious decisions. These practices give me clear insight and I gain perspective even in the worst of scenarios. 

Both of these styles of practices lead me to silence, stillness, and knowing. This quiet knowing allows me to make conscious decisions that improve my health, relationships, and success in positive and empowering ways. YOU CAN TOO!

“The real meditation practice is how we live our lives from moment to moment.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

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