Free Wellness Audio

I want to make your life easier.

I am sitting here organizing my “to do” lists and reviewing my goals for the month. I have several sheets of computer paper that I fold up into 12 blocks and write intentions. Each sheet holds a different life aspect; one being personal, one for my life with my kids, one for business, and one blank one as I need to spend more time dreaming…

Wellness is a hot topic in January and I want to help you succeed with your intentions so… Here is a link to a free guided meditation on staying active and being healthy  It is only 10 or so minutes so you can use it easily.

If you enjoy it let me know and remember you can always dig a little deeper into meditation and mindfulness by working with me! Schedule a phone consultation here

Some other options for seeing me and improving wellness include:

March 7 at Resolutions and Beyond from 9-12 (details to come)

March 27th at A View on State Your Second Season- Midlife Reinvention Summit 12:30-6:30 I AM SPEAKING HERE on how to reduce stress and sleep better with natural remedies and mindfulness based practices.

April 3rd at Western Community College Health and Wellness Event (details to come)
Would like to learn more about programs that support you or your organization? Let’s chat!

Sending you positive vibes and tons of gratitude,
Amy McCae Corporate Wellness Trainer, Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, AND more.