The Irony of Thanksgiving and Black Friday: Tips to Feel Abundant in this Moment!

It always amazes that Thanksgiving seems a perfect time to explore gratitude but even before Thursday is even over BLACK FRIDAY now begins on Thursday. This day might be described as the day American’s spend money they don’t have on things they may not even need in anticipation of Christmas gift giving. 

Amazing and visionary scientists such as Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra and many more claim that if you actually seek abundance in any capacity that you must practice feeling grateful in this moment. 

Gratitude Practices for you to explore!

*Create a Joy Jar

*Be of service, volunteer for a cause you care about

*Write thank you letters, have your children make thank you cards

*Click the link for a Gratitude Meditation Script!



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Thank you so very much,

Amy McCae

Certified Life and Executive Coach

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher