Visual Board for Goal Setting

Goal setting exists in numerous forms.  Success stories are abundant when clarity is found.  I found clarity through creating a visual/dream board.  In fact that is how I developed this business. I had ideas but didn’t know how to put it together. I was blessed to have a fantastic life coach instruct me.

The directions are as follows:

Use paper or a corkboard, state the goal at the top-make it very specific, realistic, and state in a positive way that makes sense.  For example: I will lose weight isn’t really specific.  I reduce (you probably don’t want to find it again) my weight by 5 pounds by June 8 is likely to have more success.  At the bottom of the board state why. For example: to be healthy and fit, to fit into the skinny jeans. Make it meaningful.

Then, place a picture of your self in the middle and around it place 5 words that will convey how you will feel when you meet that goal. 

The really fun part now is to cut out pictures and words from magazines or anything that gets your attention and is related to your goal. For example: fruits and vegtables, weights, think fit.  Place those items all around the board. 

Now just look at it from time to time and make an honest effort to work towards the goal.  You can use this technique for anything you desire.  I have 3 boards and my 6 year old daughter has one as well.  She, of course, has pictures of Disney World and of Barbies, but we had fun and she is learning that you create what you think. 

Good luck!


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