Diagnosis or Validation

amorrison23Has a situation ever been presented to you over and over again?  When this happens to me I can’t help but wonder what the purpose is.  I had this happen this week and new that it was something I needed to write about.

My past health issues were diseases like Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and the like.  These heath issues were real and a real burden on my day to day life.  Although, I often felt crazy and those around me believed I was.  After all, peeing 35 times a day means I have been drinking more water than normal and being in so much pain that I can”t get out of bed means my Type A persoanlity has suddenly decided to go in reverse right? Seriously??? I spent years desiring a name for my suffering.  I had many symptoms and many frustrated doctors.  Some how when I would finally get a diagnosis I felt relieved.  I have no clue why I felt that way because not one was ever able to cure me.

Well, this week I this happen to a lady I know.  Two weeks ago when I visited this woman she was miserably ill and clueless on why.  She was waiting for the doctor to call her back so she could have some test done.  She was also mad because the man was late and she was worried.  When I saw her the other day she was thrilled she had a diagnosis of Diverticulitis.  She spoke of this like some how all was better now despite not feeling great.  Did she need a diagnosis or did she need confirmation that her pain was not in her head? What if someone validated that she was suffering? And what would have happened if she just changed her diet without seeing a doctor? AND what if that was all it took to heal?

Then, I had a new client visit me this week.  I began tell her my story in which she asks something like, “Fibromyalgia is real? Did a doctor diagnose that?” I know this woman did not mean to offend me, but part of me really wanted to defend myself??? Then, she wondered if  maybe she had Fibromyalgia???

These experiences seem to be examples of people really wanting to be validated: myself included.   It is a miserable feeling to know something to be true and yet have doctors or friends or family tell you that you are wrong.  I personally tend to get a little defensive when this happens. Validation seems to give me clarity.  I have confirmationwhatever it is it is real and then I can move forward from there.  What if, instead of always seeking a diagnosis for validation, we found validation through helping ourselves heal?  I’m not saying doctors don’t serve a purpose, but if your seeing one because a diagnosis gave you validation maybe you could reconsider why you need validated in the first place.

Numerous diseases can be cured by simply acknowledging the problem and taking action.  Nutrition and fitness cured me.  But I was my own advocate and when the diagnosis no longer validated my pain I found other options. If your current state of health is not what you desire then take the steps needed so that it is.  Validate yourself if no one else will and take care of yourself in ways that create joy in your health and in your life.


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