You are what you eat; do you know what is in your food?

There was a time when I was completely unaware of what was in the food I was eating.  I assumed that if the FDA approved it then it must be safe. I did not know that there were other places to shop so I didn’t even know that I had other options.  I do now and I feel considerably better because of that knowledge!  (My story on my website will tell you how sick I once was).

The problem is we have been misled. The food pyramid is a bad joke and labels are misleading and difficult to understand.  Fat percentage, amount of calories, and salt content aren’t the problem. Neither is any of the other alledged “nutritional” information. For example, what the heck is a corn syrup solid or multi-cacid or ammonium sulfate?  We need to at least know what it is we are attempting to digest.  Many things aren’t labeled. Many things are deceiving. It is up to you to be an informed consumer and choose what you want to put in your body.  You should have the right to know.

So you can be more aware the following are examples:

Meat, such as the hamburger grilling tonight, is filled with mandatory FDA hormones and antibiotics.  If you are eating antibiotics don’t you think there is a risk of becoming immune to them and why would you need them if you are healthy? They destroy good bacteria in your digestive tract and without that you can develope diseases even cancer!  Have you noticed the little boys with breasts at the pool and the little girls menstruating earlier? This is from the hormones in the meat you eat and they are altering our genetics! You can actually buy bison from local farmers and it taste the same, is higher in protein, and lower in fat. Some how these farmer’s manage without hormones and antibiotics so I have no idea why the FDA is busy mandating cows and hogs and making us sick.

The fruit and vegetables you eat that are so good for you are grown in soil that was once nutrient rich and now longer is because of pesticides. What do you suppose would happen if you had a glass of those chemicals with your breakfast?  TOXIC!! One other thing about pesticides is that they create fake estrogen in your body.  The receptor sites are the same so your body can not distinguish the difference.  The effects of too much estrogen include cellulite, acne, breast for boys and men, pms and menopausal symptoms and so much more!!! Your messing with your endocrine system and creating hormonal uproar when you ingest chemical ridden fruit and vegetables.

Nitrites and Nitrates are in all of your processed meats such as ham, bacon, sausage, and deli meats.  These are known carcinogens. Carcinogenic means they cause cancer!  Oh and yes, they are FDA approved.  Beeler’s is a brand than you can purchase that does not have nitrites or nitrates. Some how this company manages.  Some farmers and meat lockers will process your meats for you at  your request without the cancer causing agents.

Sugar comes by many names and is even in your salt.  Some common names include dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, maltose, etc.  Side effects include, but are not limited to, suppressing the immune system, vitamin deficiencies, yeast infections, food allergies, speeds the aging process, and so much more.  It also contributes to multiple health conditions including arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and again so much more! Fake sugars such as aspartame and Nutrasweet are even worse! Sugar free usually does not mean sugar-free. It means fake sugar which means it comes with side effects such as obesity, heart maladies, headaches, asthma, birth defects, neurological and emotional disorders and who knows what else.  Stevia and Agave Nectar are two safer options.

MSG is not a flavor enhancer. It is a known neurotoxin with the same side effects as fake sugar.  And it of course comes with multiple names such as textured protein and many others.

White flour A doctor told me a story about an experimental study done on white flour. As it turns out cockroaches won’t even eat it. They’d rather starve to death.

Hydrogenated vegetables oil were banned in New York.  Enough said.

I know and understand we live in a fast pace society that has become dependant upon processed foods.  I, too, struggle to make time to cook how my ideal meals would really be. You don’t have to be perfect. Just be aware of your options and choose to make a couple changes to create better health and to feel better on all levels!

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