WOW! Look at the all the benefits of exercise!

Upon browsing through one of the health related magazines I subscribe to, I came across an inspiring article on the benefits of working out. This article divided the benefits of working out in a way that motivated me.  The summary of the article is below and is taken from Fitness Magazine from their November/December 2010 issue.

The benefits that begin WHILE you exercise: your lungs are getting stronger, endorphins keep you motivated,  and you are blasting fat.

Within an hour of working out your immune system has been boosted, neurotransmitters that create that feel good feeling in your brain have been activated and this can last for hours, and you are still burning calories.

24 hours after a workout you are adding lean muscle, your heart is healthier, and your attention and memory are at a peak.

Within a week after exercising your risk of diabetes goes down, you may have increased your endurance by 5%,  AND you are slimmer.

A month into working out  you are stronger, your belly is getting much slimmer, and your brain may have developed even more brain cells.

After one year of exercising it has become easier to do, your resting heart rate is lower, your metabolism is in high gear, your less likely to get cancer, you have extended your life, and you feel great.

This is only a partial list of the benefits but certainly worth noting if you are looking for a motivational boost to get moving!


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