Easter, Jesus, and Your Truth

Certain topics create a whirlwind of emotions for me, religion being at the top.  Christianity and the belief in Jesus dominate this country.  I grew up knowing no other possibilities outside of Jesus. I was also raised to believe that Jesus died so that I could be forgiven for my sins and go to heaven.  I never could make sense of this. How could something be outside of me and my world and watching me to make sure I was good and if I wasn’t make sure I suffered?

As an adult I researched other religions. I learned so much from simply being open to ideas. I learned how to differentiate between man-made religion and true spiritual principles.  Quantum physics supplied much of the reasoning my mind required to make sense of that which appears unexplainable.  I learned that there was way more to life on earth than what I learned in church as a child.

First of all, you are eternal.  The laws of physics state that energy can not be created nor destroyed only changed in form.  You are a big ball of electrical energy so you may surrender your body to what seems like death, but that which you truly are will always be, spirit. Your body is a vehicle for your spirit while you are on this beautiful earth. 

Second, the Bible has many interpretations; I have heard countless.  Explore and you will see! The Bible has been translated countless times. Consider the game children play when they sit in a circle and start with a secret and go from child to child and when it gets back to the original child that secret is not anything  how it started.  Consider that every person that reads the Bible or speaks of it is coming from their very unique perspective in this world.  I do believe the Bible is an amazing parable that can be used to understand much, it just gets abused.

Third, how could one religion be the right one?  I have not been able to make sense of people being critical of another’s religious choices.  I am going to pass judgment myself and say that it is arrogant. I am appalled at the history of some religions. Even very recent Catholic history that gets shoved under the rug. How could you ever justify child molestation by priests? How much more is there to the past of the church?

 Religion is just that, man-made politics that instill fear and collect a lot of money by causing you to fear that if you don’t follow their very specific man-made rules then you are sinful.  That is sinful.  Just the other day I was listening to the radio where the religious radio station was stating that we are not whole and we will not be until our savior Jesus Christ comes again. What?!

Not true. The Bible even states that you were made in the image and liking of God.  I interpret that as being of God. I am from God and God is within me. I know that science says I can not really even die, only transform. I know that there are many religions and therefore many paths to God. 

The teachings of Jesus dieing on the cross so that you could be forgiven for your sins and born into everlasting life is not true.  There is no sin to be forgiven.  We are not on this earth to be perfect. We are here to learn. We make mistakes. All of us “sin” and not one of us should judge if one person or one sin is worse than the other. 

 Your goal here should be to find God and do good.  The energy of God courses through your veins, through every part of your being.  You are spirit by nature. When you are connected to that source you do what you love, you love those around you, you are at peace and filled with joy.  Even when there is chaos around you, you can have peace within you. 

As you celebrate Easter, remember to create your own journey, love as much as you can, and explore all possibilities. MOST IMPORTANT: Remember that you are of spirit, that God is within you, that you need to do nothing but accept that and love, you are whole and complete just the way are.

“The goal of spiritual practice is full recovery, and the only thing you need to recover from is a fractured sense of self.” Marianne Williamson


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