Hanging From Hooks? I AM ON THE NEWS!!!

Yesterday I was interviewed by Fox 42 News. They were asking my opinion of “suspension” meditation and if I could offer any safe alternatives.  I first received an email from Fox 42 on Monday and was absolutely shocked and terribly saddened that people would go to such great lengths to feel good. I am concerned for the safety of these individuals and especially for any teenagers who may get involved.

Last night I watched the interview worrying if I would appear professional because I had skipped my hair appointment on Monday and was delirious from being up since 3:30 and concerned I wouldn’t know what I was even saying.  I worried that I was going to look fat because of my almost 6 month pregnant belly,  and I thought that I would look like something the cat drug in because I didn’t even know an interview was going to take place until 30 minutes before and I had spent the morning cleaning. Needless to say, all that worrying faded quickly when I watched people literally hanging themselves from hooks.

Listening to the rational of suspending your body from hooks because it is suppose to feel good, clear your mind, or give you an adrenal rush just seems a little bit out of the ball park to me.  There are countless other ways that you can achieve an adrenal rush or find peace of mind. Why would you need to go to such an extreme; an extreme that could be dangerous.

The Washington Post recently published an article with evidence proving that meditation actually rewires your brain.  Meditation is simply the act of becoming still, quieting your mind, and being focused. This can be as simple as one conscious breath!!! There are countless benefits to meditating and numerous ways in which to practice.

Working out produces serotonin.  Serotonin is a “feel good” neurotransmitter in the brain.  Prozac is fake serotonin. Exercise and get a rush. Imagine what the world would be like if we were dependent on exercise to boost our brain chemicals that make us feel good instead of prescription drugs or addictive, dangerous behavior?

I am firm believer in the right to choose. I often choose to color outside of the lines of the “norm” and tend to get frustrated when those around me are critical and less than understanding.  I also am a firm believer in education. The choices I make are based in personal experience as well as education. That education comes from multiple sources and not just the mainstream media. I would encourage anyone who is considering attempts at anything extreme to review all of the facts and consider all other avenues.

Challenge yourself. Challenge your body through fitness goals.  Challenge your mind through positive thinking goals. Change your body, change your brain, change your life.

Amy McCae



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